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CTO - מנכ"ל

פתוח להגשה

CODE FOR ISRAEL is a volunteering platform developing advanced technological solutions for social, educational, and environmental challenges. Partnering with nonprofits, governmental agencies, the IDF and technical leaders, Code for Israel identifies and prioritises the main challenges affecting Israelis.

Providing technological infrastructure and domain experts, our volunteers from the tech ecosystem research the problem-space, characterise and design a solution, execute it and hand it off to the partner. Code for Israel’s hundreds of volunteers are presently identifying and developing 20 diverse and creative solutions which have already started to positively affect Israel’s society.

We’re looking for an experienced full time CEO to lead the organisation in its growth to become a nationwide NGO that helps and affects every Israeli. We are looking for a unique leader with great executional skills and vast experience in managing teams that will speak and create a common language between the Israeli tech ecosystem and the Social and Governmental sectors. One that will harness people, technologies and partners around a large vision - in order to develop groundbreaking solutions in the social landscape.

This is a unique opportunity to work with some of the most talented and caring people in the Israeli ecosystem while cracking down on technological challenges on a daily basis. Most importantly - it will allow you to affect Israel deeply in unique ways that were never tried before.

CTO - מנכ"ל
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